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You talk to it and it takes your sentence and rephases it into a question. Create Your Own Chatbot The developer writes:"" is service which allow people to create their own chat bots"" Cyberfriend My Cyberfriend-This is a childrens chatbot the site is gone but you can still download it. All credits to Jerry, [AKA] onthecuttingedge2005 for making this freely available. Betabots work on most Unix systems that support Python3. It works seamlessly with many popular desktop applications, and has a very friendly disposition. AIML Program D Download files "Binary" (Compiled) tar file "Binary" (Compiled) zip file Source tar file Source zip file Web Application (.war file) tar file Web Application (.war file) zip file Yahoo listener Yahoo Listener Binary (Compiled) tar file Yahoo Listener Binary (Compiled) zip file Yahoo Listener Source tar file Yahoo Listener Source zip file Aiml listener AIM Listener Binary (Compiled) tar file AIM Listener Binary (Compiled) zip file AIM Listener Source tar file AIM Listener Source zip file Irc listener IRC Listener Binary (Compiled) tar file IRC Listener Binary (Compiled) zip file IRC Listener Source tar file IRC Listener Source zip file AI tools aitools-utils tar file aitools-utils jar file J-Alice Is up and has the old and new versons of it up. Search in: names descriptions experiences Search as: sentence words Filter on date Tijdrichting newer than older than date oldest chatbot yesterday one week one month three months half year year and sort newest first oldest first •••••••• Set country filter Currently filtering United States (253) Filter on your country Netherlands (120) Popular countries United States (253)United Kingdom (141)Poland (141)Netherlands (120)France (80) All 48 countries (1220) Multinational (123)Argentina (14)Australia (20)Austria (6)Azerbaijan (2)Belgium (10)Brazil (8)Canada (21)Chile (1)China (10)Colombia (1)Cyprus (1)Czech Republic (2)Denmark (5)Ecuador (2)Egypt (1)Finland (1)France (80)Georgia (1)Germany (56)Greece (1)Hong Kong (2)Hungary (7)India (4)Indonesia (4)Israel (4)Italy (31)Japan (3)Latvia (1)Mexico (4)Netherlands (120)Norway (8)Oman (1)Panama (1)Poland (141)Portugal (6)Russia (14)Singapore (3)Slovakia (1)Slovenia (3)Spain (78)Sweden (12)Switzerland (2)Turkey (10)United Arab Emirates (1)United Kingdom (141)United States (253)Uruguay (2)Venezuela (1)- Select a country -Multinational (123)Argentina (14)Australia (20)Austria (6)Azerbaijan (2)Belgium (10)Brazil (8)Canada (21)Chile (1)China (10)Colombia (1)Cyprus (1)Czech Republic (2)Denmark (5)Ecuador (2)Egypt (1)Finland (1)France (80)Georgia (1)Germany (56)Greece (1)Hong Kong (2)Hungary (7)India (4)Indonesia (4)Israel (4)Italy (31)Japan (3)Latvia (1)Mexico (4)Netherlands (120)Norway (8)Oman (1)Panama (1)Poland (141)Portugal (6)Russia (14)Singapore (3)Slovakia (1)Slovenia (3)Spain (78)Sweden (12)Switzerland (2)Turkey (10)United Arab Emirates (1)United Kingdom (141)United States (253)Uruguay (2)Venezuela (1) Languages (US) Czech (1)English (271) Platforms (US) AIM (7)Android (8)Download (10)Facebook (11)Google Talk (1)iPhone (15)Live Messenger (24)Mobile Web (3)Second Life (4)Twitter (2)Web (172)Yahoo (2) Consumer Themes (US) Beauty (4)Body health (9)Career & education (12)Cooking (3)Culture (5)Education, learn & lookup (20)Electronics & hardware (28)Environmental (2)Erotic (5)Fashion (5)Finance & legal (9)Government (12)Home & living (6)Leisure (9)Mental & spirituality (5)Mobility (6)Music & radio (3)News & gossip (6)Social (29)Sport (1)Telecoms & utilities (16)Trade (4)Travel (8)TV & gaming (12) Features (US) Appearance Animated avatar (102)Avatar (629)Faceless (121)Humanoid Robot (2)Picture (234)Robot (5)Search box (44)Video (83) Perception Gesture recognition (1)Speech recognition (14)Text recognition (241) Expression Facial expressions (16)Gestures (16)Speech synthesis (32)Text synthesis (45) Application (US) Animals & aliens (6)Branded conversations (77)Campaign (13)Customer service (69)Knowledge management (16)Market research (5)Sales (29)Clone (13)E-Learning (4)Gaming (7)Proof of Concept (38)Robot toy (2) Creators (US) Amateur (156)Commercial (1034)Research (30) Developers (US) Chatbot developer directory Active developers: Artificial Solutions (50)Ecreation (42)pandorabots (12)Personality Forge (4)Stanusch Technologies (76)Unknown (85) Less active developers: 911pop (1)Abhishek Bhattacharya (1)Acosys (1)Adele Robots (1)AgentBot (11)Agentland (2)Ahmed Said Saif (1)AiTech (1)Aitia (4)Alan J. Answers are stored in a simple file in the same directory. Voice Answer (windows phone) Voice Answer is the new generation artificial intelligence answer-bot, on your Windows Phone. FreeHAL consists of a server application and several frontends, a cross-platform GUI and a web interface. ea41d647aa download os 4 blackberry storm 9530 softwarefull version pen drive recovery software free downloadfocus accounting software full version free downloaddia software download softonic for pcsoftware resetter canon ip1700 downloadplaxis 3d foundation software free downloadvirtual hair styling software free downloadnokia 112 mobile software downloadresoft wind farm software downloadsonic studio asus download software


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